Workshop on tips for financial survival through university… From a Big Brother

I had put together a workshop for a local community service group geared towards providing an overview on financial survival tips for those planning on going to post-secondary education.

Here are the slides for the first version of my workshop.

I used the perfection game for soliciting feedback at the end of the class. I got great reaction from the workshop. It was my first time putting together this workshop so I ran out of time (didn’t finish all the slides), but I did some tweaking afterwards to make it better next time! The content is aimed at students in grade 11 or 12 or already in university. In my first workshop I had a couple of parents show up with their kids which turned out great – there are a number of group exercises during the workshop so it was neat watching the parents and the students in the class pairing up. I’ve been asked to run the workshop again. Contact me if you are interested in attending. I’m looking forward to running it again soon.

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