Tips for influencing an organization’s transformation towards an Agile Culture

I’ve submitted a session proposal for the upcoming Regional Scrum Gathering® Canada on March 26 & 27, 2018 <>. My session is intended to explore practical tips to evolve the culture of an organization from a siloed command-&-control hierarchy with rigid roles & processes to a more collaborative, & adaptive agile environment.

The goal of the session is to share real life examples and 10 practical tips from 6+ years of multiple waves of Agile transformations across multiple lines of business of 80,000 employees. You’ll learn how to evolve towards an Agile culture using Lego Serious Play, Open Space, Lean Coffee, and much more!

For example, in one of the tips I’ll explore how Open Space can be used to influence the culture of an organization. Here’s a link to a video showing an example of an Open Space in action.

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