Quality minefield in a world where “everything is software!” – Looking back at the 2003 summer blackout

Do you remember where you were on Aug. 14, 2003? It feels like a long time ago, but I got reminded of what it was like back then. In fact a number of articles in the papers highlight the drama Continue reading

Quality minefield in a world where “everything is software!” – Our future

This is a follow-up to my other post: Quality minefield in a world where “everything is software!” – Looking back at the 2003 summer blackout. During the first Gulf War, the Patriot Missile System had a bug in its time Continue reading

Agile enthusiasts in demand – Evolution of Job Roles?

Earlier in the summer, I was fortunate to attend The Coaching Stance workshop with Lyssa Adkins & David Darst which took place prior to the Ottawa Agile Coach Camp.  As you may know, Lyssa wrote a great book on Coaching Agile Teams. One Continue reading

Workshop on tips for financial survival through university… From a Big Brother

I had put together a workshop for a local community service group geared towards providing an overview on financial survival tips for those planning on going to post-secondary education. Here are the slides for the first version of my workshop. Continue reading

Savings for the next generation – Reusable Water Bottles

During the month of Ramadan I had started a new program at my local Masjid called:  “Savings for the next generation – Reusable Water Bottles.” The program started about half way through Ramadan and it lasted for about 15 days until Continue reading

CJK Dictionary Institute: Variants of عبدالرحيم (Abd Al Raheem)

I came across the “The CJK Dictionary Institute” Chinese, Japanese, and Korean as well as Arabic dictionary data. What I found interesting is their database of Arabic names which apparently has over 7 million entries. For example, check out the variations of “Abd Al Raheem” Data Sample! (It Continue reading

Easily parse, decode, encode, and edit a URL

I’ve launched the following site: http://urlparser.com/ as a way to pilot a couple of ideas I had. Earlier in the year I was heavily involved in managing an e-commerce project that had a dependency on Amazon Web Services. On a side note, Continue reading